Selangor Bar Website Terms of Use
ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS The use of and access to this website portal ("Selangor Bar Website") is strictly subject to all the terms and conditions as hereinafrer appearing ("Terms and Conditions"). Notwithstanding this, your use of and access to and/or continued use of and access to the Selangor Bar Website shall constitute your agreement to accept and comply with the Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms, you must leave this website immediately. DISCLAIMER All information displayed on the Selangor Bar Website is strictly intended for general information and knowledge only. The information displayed herein is subject to changes and may no longer be accurate after the uploading date. While every care has been taken by the Selangor Bar Committee (which is part of the Bar Council), the Information Technology Sub-Committee and their staff (hereafter the Bar Council, the Selangor Bar Committee, the Information Technology Sub-Committee and their staff collectively, the "SBC") to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on the Selangor Bar Website, it remains your sole responsibility and obligation to seek independent legal advice as to the reasons for your visiting the Selangor Bar Website. It is not the intention of SBC or the Selangor Bar Website to render any legal advice or deal with queries respecting any matters or issues currently pending before any courts or subject to any form of legal proceedings whether within or without Malaysia. The SBC does not make any representation or warranty (including all express or implied warranties of any kind arising from usage, trade or pursuant to the operation of law) to you with respect to such Contents. Neither is the SBC responsible or liable for any losses, damages or expenses sustained or incurred by you as a result of any of your acts or omissions made in reliance on any of such Contents. Articles, reports and surveys reflect the views of the individuals that had prepared them and, unless indicated expressly in the text, do not necessarily reflect or represent the position of the SBC or any of its sub-committees. Please also note that SBC is in no position to recommend or comment on the area of practice of any lawyers or law firms notwithstanding the names of lawyers or firms may have appeared on the Selangor Bar Website. The SBC will not entertain at all any requests for recommendation of or comment on lawyers or law firms. WARRANTIES AND INDEMNITY By using the Selangor Bar Website, you have unconditionally warranted and undertaken to the SBC that you will not use the Selangor Bar Website or any of its contents for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by the Terms and Conditions. If you violate any of the Terms and Conditions, your permission to use and access the Selangor Bar Website automatically terminates in which case you shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless SBC from any and all claims, demands, losses, damages, costs and liabilities, including reasonable solicitors' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your acts or omissions, including claims arising out of your use of the Selangor Bar Website and your submission, posting or transmission of the contents herein or your violation of the Terms and Conditions. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS The contents of the Selangor Bar Website are protected by copyright and other applicable proprietary and intellectual property laws, and they shall remain the sole property of the Selangor Bar and other relevant third parties. You must not reproduce or attempt to reproduce by any means whatsoever anything from the Selangor Bar Website, whether wholly or partly, without the prior express consent of the SBC. RIGHT NOT TO REPLY RESERVED Unless you state accurately your name, NRIC No., residential address, office address (if any), contact number and, where applicable, name of organisation and organisation's address and telephone number in your emails, we may not reply to you subject to our reservation of not responding at all to any emails originating from third party IP addresses or third party accounts such as Hotmail, gmail, Yahoo and the like. LINKS While you may place a link to our main page and not to any other web pages on your website provided your site does not promote profanity, pornography or unlawful purposes and is not involved in any illegality, we do not, however, permit any deep-link to our web pages. If you wish us to have a link to your website on the Selangor Bar Website, you must first seek our prior express consent subject to our rights to charge, if necessary, a fee for such purpose. The Selangor Bar Wesbite contains some useful links to third parties¡¯ websites. However, this is not to be construed in any wise whatsoever as the SBC endorsing such websites or their contents. The SBC hereby repeats all the above disclaimers mutatis mutandis to your using such links to access or visit such third parties¡¯ websites. LEGAL DIRECTORY By undertaking a search on the Selangor Bar members' database through the Directory section, you have also agreed not to use and/or disseminate any information requested and/or received by you for any commercial purpose or for the purpose of creating a data storage base or for any other purpose except for the sole purpose of locating a particular advocate and solicitor or a legal firm. GOVERNING LAW The governing law for the Terms and Conditions is the law of Malaysia irrespective of your current location or jurisdiction when accessing the Selangor Bar Website. The Terms and Conditions also apply irrespective of which of the domain addresses you have accessed the Selangor Bar Website whether it is (if any) VARIATION OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS This Agreement comprises the entire agreement between SBC and you, and supersedes all prior agreements or understandings with respect to the subject matter herein. The Terms and Conditions are subject to changes from time to time which shall take effect immediately upon the posting of the modified terms and conditions and thereafter references herein to "Terms and Conditions" shall include such modified terms and conditions. You agree to check this page every time you visit the Selangor Bar Website for any update. If any of the modified terms and conditions is unacceptable to you, you must discontinue accessing the Selangor Bar Website. Your use of and access to and/or continued use of and access to the Selangor Bar Website following the posting of such modified terms and conditions shall be deemed that you have accepted all such changes without any reservation. Please contact the SBC if you have any queries concerning the Selangor Bar Website, and its content, including your access to the same.


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