The Selangor Bar was created under the Advocates & Solicitors Ordinance 1947. At the time the Selangor Bar catered for all lawyers in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. However in 1992, the Legal Profession Act was amended creating the Kuala Lumpur Bar to cater solely for the lawyers in the Federal Territory.

Kuala Lumpur having more members in its fold walked away with the lion’s share of the assets leaving the Selangor Bar with just 338 members and a small part of the assets. The Selangor Bar was fortunate enough to be given a small space on the second floor of the Perangsang Building at Shah Alam to administer its affairs.

Undeterred by a small budget and little physical assets the Bar Committee set about managing its affairs as best as it could. With the passage of time the numbers grew and this in turn helped the Committee in embarking on more ambitious projects.

The Selangor Bar today has more than 6074 members and its own building. The Selangor Bar building houses its secretariat as well as the legal aid center. The building further has a fully equipped library, an auditorium and a conference room. Selangor Bar today is seen as one of the most active Bars in the country in terms of programs and activities for its members and pupils. These include talks and seminars, sporting events, social gatherings, law awareness and legal outreach programs as well as meetings with other stakeholders in the legal system. The Selangor Bar further has its own Journal (now named Ad-Rem) which was launched in 1998. This magazine enjoys a wide readership being circulated all over Malaysia and some Commonwealth countries.

Chairman of the Selangor Bar since 1992 :
The late Mr. Jeffery Fernandez 1992 - 1994
Mr. S.S. Muker 1994 - 1997
Mr. S.S. Ravichandran 1997- 2002
Mr. Steven T C Tai 2002 - 2004
Mr. George Varughese 2004 - 2007
Mr. R.V Lingam 2007 - 2008
Mr. Rajpal Singh 2008 - 2011
Mr. Kanarasan Ghandinesen 2011 - 2013
Mr. Vishnu Kumar 2013 - 2015
Mr. Salim Bashir 2015 - 2017
Mr. A.G Kalidas 2017 - 2019

Mr. Bernard Scott 2019 - 2020

Mr. Murali Velautham 2020 - 2021

Ms. Kokila Vaani Vadiveloo 2021 - 2023

Mr. M K Thas 2023 - present


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